GPX Energybank

The online Energybank


You would like to make the energy consumption of your organisation more compliant with legally recognised sustainability regulations. We would like to offer you a competitive business proposal:

  1. Supply and consumption of Guarantees of Origin
  2. Insight in the balance of ýour chosen form of energy production with your energy consumption

Corporate Social Responsibility

Using Guarantees of Origin is an important form of Corporate Social Responsibility. A Guarantee of Origin complies with many sustainability benchmarks and certification systems.

Green your energy consumption with certified Guarantees of Origin

GPX Energybank connects information, but does not supply energy. You keep on purchasing energy (electricity and gas) in your normal way from your energy supplier.

Sustainable and fair

We think it’s important that producers of renewable energy receive a fair price for their energy. We like to be completely open and transparent and allow you to choose from whomever and wherever your energy is produced.

Guarantees of Origin give specific information about installation, time and location. This information is registered by the issuing body in each country. After purchasing we make sure your certificates are cancelled by the issuing body.