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GPX Energybank

Choose sustainably together

For everyone

Wherever you live, if you consume a little or a lot: you can make your energy consumption green and decide where and how the energy is produced. Our aim is to allow everyone to consume renewable energy from exactly the sources you choose. To do this you don’t need to invest in solar panels or other installations.

Your choice

You’re not bound by any contract. No tying in to other services or products. GPX Energybank does not supply energy, we allow every consumer on the origin trading-floor, where until now only energy companies and large organisations had access.

Generous supply

To be able to give you the best choice GPX Energybank gives you a wide range of options from all over Europe. You choose the sources of energy.

Low and honest pricing

Try for free

Registering an account is free and gives you an overview of all available Guarantees of Origin and an easy way to purchase them.

No contract or recurring subscription

No monthly or recurring costs. All you pay for are your chosen Guarantees of Origin. It’s up to you how much of your total electricity consumption you want to make green and when you do so.

Cost efficient

An effective and efficient opportunity for sustainable energy consumption. GPX Energybank offers you minimal costs and maximal green electricity.

Transparent and sustainable

Secure and transparent

Full transparency of the balance between your electricity consumption and where it is produced. 100% certainty of origin with guaranteed reliability and control over your usage. Guarantees of Origin become visible on your energybank account and are deducted according to your energy usage.

Decentralised energy

Thanks to the personal choice of decentralised sources of energy from a wide range we create a direct link between demand and supply, of consumers and producers. You get direct access to producers and sources of green energy!

Reliable and sustainable

A more open and transparent opening up of the market leads to further democratising of energy supply and a shift of influence to the consumer and the decentralised producer or collective.