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Guarantees of Origin

Guarantees of Origin are the legally binding proof that a certain amount of green energy has been produced and supplied to the national grid.

Type of energy, location and amount are precisely monitored and certified. Energy suppliers are obliged to buy these in order to prove that they have supplied a certain amount of green electricity. They decide which, and in many countries they buy the cheapest foreign hydro certificates available. They make a considerable margin and only supply within a contract to supply energy.

We think that everyone should be able to buy Guarantees of Origin and choose the type of source for the energy they buy. We argue that you should not have to switch energy suppliers or rely on what they offer. After all: electricity within the national grid is anonymous by definition, unless it is metered and digitally connected to information about the origin.

By doing so you allow the source of choice to produce energy. Your purchase makes it possible that more and more renewable sources will be built. GPX Energybank only offers Guarantees of Origin of sustainable sources.

Your purchase of Guarantees of Origin means that your energy consumption is certified green.

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