GPX Energybank

The online Energybank

How does it work?

GPX Energybank is a place where domestic users, organisations and companies can make their energy consumption green. Purchased Guarantees of Origin become visible in your energybank account, and are deducted in balance with the metering data about your energy consumption you provided.

Open an Energybank account You register an account via Log in by supplying e-mail address and chosen password.
Energybank account starting point Next you fill in your kWh meter readings. These meter readings are your starting point. We need two readings in order to establish the difference between them. This difference and the time between two readings is used to calculate your average yearly consumption. It is not necessary that readings are exactly one year apart. It is necessary to have two meter readings to calculate an advice and show proof of consumption on your account.
Add credit to your account You choose the Guarantees of Origin you want to buy, based on location and source. You pay online.
Your Energybank account statement GPX Energybank registers your data and you receive a proof of purchase of your Guarantees of Origin.
Your Energybank account overview In your account you can read your energy usage, how much you have made green: your balance of green energy and the source it came from.

Periodically filling in metering data allows you to make all energy you consume green. You can view your energybank account statement and print it.
In case you know the total of your consumption and just want to green this periodically you can directly purchase the chosen Guarantees of Origin. In this case you only obtain a proof of purchase.

For more information, please check the information section or ask your questions. We would like to help you.